We're Buggin'


Hi! I am a Nutty Bug, also known as a nutty allergy, and I can make a lot of trouble for the kids that I meet. In some kids I am mild but in others more severe, so listen to me closely so all of my signs and symptoms are clear.

I can cause an itchy, bumpy red rash on kids’ skin, and I can cause swelling in their faces and around their mouths, lips, and chins. I can make them feel sick or make their bellies ache, and I can make them throw up or even cause them to faint. I can cause a runny nose and make them sneeze, and I can cause itchy, watery eyes and make them cough and wheeze. I can also cause their throats and tongues to swell, which makes it difficult for them to breathe. This type of reaction is called ANAPHYLAXIS, and it can be life threatening, so it is very important that you practice safe nutty-eating habits.

If someone you know is having an anaphylactic reaction, you have to get help fast so that the doctor can determine the best allergy action plan.

Have you ever witnessed someone having an anaphylactic reaction? Were you able to help?

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