Heather Finn's Bio


I am the author of the Bug Book series of children’s picture books. I was born, raised and live in Marblehead, Massachusetts with my husband and two children. An identical triplet and the eighth of ten children, I grew up listening to a lot of stories. When I became a mom, I shared stories from my youth with my children. And, when I ran out of stories to tell, I began to create new ones. When I began searching for fun yet educational books to teach my children about good health and hygiene, I realized that such books were hard to find so I began to write my own. My first Bug Book, Fabulous Farrah & the Sugar Bugs, was inspired by the difficulties that I had in getting my children to brush their teeth. My second Bug Book, Heroic Henry & the Nutty Bugs, was inspired by all of the children I know with nut, peanut or other food allergies.

Through Little Harbor Books, named after Marblehead’s beautiful first harbor, I am creating a series of children’s books that will captivate, engage, educate and empower children worldwide.

When not telling stories, I work in financial services and hold a M.B.A., M.S. in Finance, and B.S. in Finance and Human Resources from Boston College.